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PetCentric offers it's own line of hand-made cat furniture

PetCentric Pet Supplies has been selling wholesale pet furniture for over 25 years and offering online retail nationwide for the past 20 years.


Copter Cat Scratching Post

Copter Cat Scratching Post

The Copter Scratching Post is design the basic urges of your cat. It is a conventional 24" with..


Triple Shelf Cat Climbing Tree

Triple Shelf Cat Climbing Tree

This is our Triple shelf cat climbing tree, solidly made with interlocking shelves and legs. You get..


Hole and One Shelf   - Cat Stand

Hole and One Shelf - Cat Stand

The hole and one shelf is a fun play and rest space for your cat and makes a great window perch. It ..


Double Diamond - Cat Stand

Double Diamond - Cat Stand

The Double Diamond is a great piece of cat furniture for multiple cat owners. It has a 24 x 24"..