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PetCentric offers it's own line of hand-made cat furniture

PetCentric Pet Supplies has been selling wholesale pet furniture for over 25 years and offering online retail nationwide for the past 20 years.


Tri-Tunnel - Cat Stand

Tri-Tunnel - Cat Stand

The Tri-Tunnel cat climbing tree is a fun place for all cats. This different looking piece of cat fu..


Cradle  - Cat Stand

Cradle - Cat Stand

This is a 15" wide cat cradle shaped top piece fully carpeted, resting on top of a 16 X 16"..


Duplex - Cat Stand

Duplex - Cat Stand

The cat Duplex has two open faced beds on top of a 18" leg and a 34" leg. The lower bed bolts into t..


Double Shelf Pedestal - Cat Stand

Double Shelf Pedestal - Cat Stand

This double shelf pedestal stands 38" tall to the top perch, with a jumping level 18" up a..